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Information About Us

We are Revolution Aloud, named as Sebastian Bi. and Justin Ba.
We`re from Germany-Wuppertal (near Cologne) and 2 DJ`s (also Producer) on several Genres (Electronic Dance Music, Hardstyle..)
You can hear all of our Work and Songs on Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Facebook (All Links on our Website Footer)

We`ve been DJ`s since January 2015, and producing our own Songs since our beginning.
You can hear us also on our own Podcast-Show weekly on Mixcloud.
Our Inspiration of our Style came from Musicans all over the World like DJ Hardwell, Headhunterz, Brennen Heart.. and many more!

!!All we wanna do is making Party as hard as we can!!
!!Bringing Music to the people is all we ever wanted!!

We Love making Music and bring that feeling out on Stage aswell.
So give us the chance to convince you self to prove us we`re not wrong.
Leave us all that`s on you mind to help us out !